RECOVER Pain and injuries can get in the way of living your best life. Take time to heal, build strength, and bring balance to your body.
REDISCOVER We’re conditioned to believe that aches and pains are a part of life. This absolutely doesn’t have to be the case.
Let us help you rediscover what it feels like to have a body that’s strong, flexible, and capable of supporting you throughout your life.
RECLAIM We often push our own needs to the bottom of our to-do list, but years of neglecting yourself can leave you feeling lost. Build confidence and learn to trust your own body.
Reclaim the best version of yourself.


Take the time to heal and strengthen your body. Feel better, younger, stronger, and more vital in your daily life.


The world around us is always trying to define us. Overcome your insecurities, stop feeling invisible, and learn to treat yourself with the same warmth and kindness that you treat others with.


At Reach, we’re a family of men and women, of all ages, abilities, skills and levels, bound by our love of life and the desire to make the most of it. With us you can find a sense of belonging that works for you.

Small classes, personalised attention, in a stress free environment

At Reach, our classes have a maximum of 6 students, so we can make sure you’re getting
the most of your time with us, and you get to gently push yourself with no judgement, no
comparisons, it’s just you and your practice.

Reach Pilates Studio, Albury Wodonga

At Reach Pilates Studio we believe in sharing our passion of inclusive Pilates for the beginner, the athlete, the injured, and anyone ready-to-move again. Based in our fully equipped studio our qualified instructors will guide you in your journey to recover, rediscover, and reclaim your personal world.

The Mind and Body in Balance

We are dedicated to create classes that work your whole body, focus your mind, and leave you feeling strong and supported.

pilites studio in albury