All pricing options are individually tailored to meet your specific training goals.
We offer discounted memberships, class packs, and casual rates.

Call the studio 0432 213 961 or email info@reachpilatesstudio.com.au today to see which is best for you

Reformer / Tower

(Perfect for those with little to no injury and fitness is the main focus. Maximum 8 per class)

Casual Class                $36
5 Pack                          $170

(6 week expiration)

10 Pack                        $320

(12 week expiration)

Semi Private Class

(Personalised apparatus program for those wanting or requiring closer supervision. Maximum of 4 per class)

Casual Class              $55

(requires prior private consultation within last 3 months)

5 pack                        $250

(requires prior private consultation within last 3 months)

(6 week expiration)

Private Session

(Personalised apparatus programmes. For personalised attention, or injury and rehabilitation)

Casual Class                $100pp
5 Pack                          $475pp
10 Pack                        $900pp

For New Clients only

Introductory Package #1



  • 1 x Private One on One
  • 2 x Reformer / Apparatus

Perfect for those with little to no injury and fitness is the main focus.

Introductory Package #2



  • 3x Private One on One Sessions

This Package is great if there are any major concerns you have. We can work alongside your health practitioner to ensure the greatest care and rehabilitation possible. Also a great option for those who are not confident with Pilates and would like to get to know the equipment in a private setting.


Our best packages designed for our most loyal clients.
Save by signing up at the studio for the Reach Pilates Member auto-pay monthly membership.

Membership perks include:

  • Receive the lowest price on classes and sessions
  • Priority scheduling
  • Same membership price of class for any add-on classes
  • Optional freeze of up to 1 month (depending on length of membership)
  • 20% off any retail purchases in the studio including workshops

Reformer and Tower Classes

 Reformer and Tower classes are great for those that have little or no injury and want to focus on strength, fitness and flexibility. Membership options can be as low as $26/class

Semi Private Classes

Our Semi Private classes (including 3rd trimester Prenatal Classes) are for those that have an injury, are more frail, require closer supervision, or are in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy where exercises are adapted to prepare the body for labour and birth. This membership is also excellent for those wanting to gain confidence and are not ready for the group classes. Classes are small (maximum 4) and tailored to the level you are at. Membership options can be as low as $40/class

Private Sessions

Private sessions are only offered as casual, 5, and 10 packs that can be purchased at the studio. This means that when you are ready to move into other classes, you can do so when you choose.