Our Classes


In these classes the tower at the end of the reformer is used to challenge the body and mind. This is a great add on class to the reformer classes as the extra parts involving roll down bar, push through bar and springs are in play. It requires focus and concentration but it also is a lot of fun. Classes have a maximum of 5 clients and are great for the able bodied that want a good workout but also want to connect with many of the principles in the Pilates movement system.


Group Reformer Classes are similar and yet very different to mat based Pilates. With a maximum of 5 clients our Group Reformer Classes use the Pilates reformer machine through out the session and it is generally more intense and more dynamic than mat based Pilates as it adds resistance to the Pilates exercises via the use of the springs which form part of the machine. Our reformers have the capacity to transform into raised mats and with the utilisation of the tower which is part of our reformers we can continually change up the class bringing challenge and variation into an already intense and focused class

Pre and Postnatal

We have instructors trained in Pre and Postnatal coaching. These sessions can be booked as Private (1:1) or in our specific “Prenatal” class. In these sessions we utilise all the Pilates apparatus to get you as prepared physically and mentally as possible for the birth.

After your baby has arrived and you have had clearance from your Health Professional, we would love to see you back to help you reconnect with your body with a focus on strengthening and flexibility.

All our classes are available for you to bring your baby with you to class. As long as your baby is not mobile you are free to have him/her in the studio while you have your session. This takes the stress out of finding a sitter while they are so dependant on you, and you can relax knowing that he/she is close by. Once your baby becomes more mobile and they can’t be contained in a capsule or pram then alternative arrangements will need to be made for the care of your baby while you take your class. We want you to get the most out of your session and be able to focus and concentrate.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are booked appointments where you work one on one with your instructor. Usually the first session is an initial assessment and a chance for us to understand the needs and goals that the client has. The first session is also an introduction to the pilates equipment and method. All our introductory packages have an initial private session so that we can get to know the client and any areas that need working with. These sessions utilise all the studio equipment at the studio to get the most effective exercises for your body. They are of particular benefit for those with neurological conditions, are recovering from surgery or injury, or clients that prefer personal instruction and attention. In Private sessions the focus is completely on the specific needs and goals of the client and the program is planned to address these.

Many clients like to do a Private Session or a few private sessions before progressing into group classes. Some do intermittent private sessions alongside group classes. Private sessions are also useful for designing home programs. If you aren’t sure whether to head into group classes straight away, book one of these  sessions and we can help you figure out the best starting point and pathway.